Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bar 9 on Glen Osmond

Brunch is the new yamcha here for me in Adelaide. In Sabah it's harder to get a bunch of people together at 10 or 11 in the morning, drive to a kopitiam and sit down for brunch than to call up your friends and meet up at a mamak at 4pm for a random roti canai session.

Here though, everyone's having brunch. Brunch, brunch, brunch.

Visited the famous Bar 9 on Glen Osmond road. Nestled in South Adelaide, this place is a total gem. The place was packed on a Sunday morning, with some people waiting out at the entrance. Inside though, was busy but extremely cosy, the surrounding infused with the aroma of good coffee, and excellent food.

Took the 861 bus to Glen Osmond from the city. We missed the bus so we had to wait for another half an hour :( Took some random pictures to kill time.
It's impossible to just drive past this place...

Greeted by a crowd of hungry people. No doubt it's good!

Yeah yeah I'll get to the food post ASAP hehe. Was dying of hunger because I hadn't had dinner the day before so I was practically starvingggg!

Bacon & Eggs $14
I love the scrambled eggs! So fluffy!

Runciman's Breakfast, fit for a king $17

My usual Chai latte

House Cured Ocean Trout $16
Wasn't in the mood for heavy fat meat so I got this instead. Loved the combo of the trout and rye! It was also really refreshing with the lemon and light cream. Sorry but I just love fish and lemon. arrrrgh. Perfect treat after a busy week!

The raved about Creamy Truffled Mushroom Ragu ($18) with poached eggs and truffled honey! Well, I know why it's so famous, because it is THE brunch meal made by angels. Just love the mushroom and the honey!

Would I take a bus here again just to have brunch? Definitely, yes! (Once I saved up) Loved the food and service, and best of all, the company!

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