Monday, February 27, 2012

Stop hating Mondays!

I never hated Mondays. Hold on, I'll take that back! I used to hate Mondays when I was schooling because I had to sleep early on Sunday night, had assembly early in the morning and usually extra classes/activities are on Mondays.

But now, I have most of Mondays off (Reason is they have enough staff and I am not needed. YAY!). Went out for breakfast today with Siaw and Marie, hung out at their workplace and then I went po to the hospital for her operation.

It doesn't sound like a special day but to me, today is meaningful. I got to spend time with Friends with fifits (well, only two of them), stayed by my grandparents' side (even though I couldn't really do anything but physically I was there to give them support) and had a great rest (for my sick body).

Today is a great Monday and it would get better after I watch the repeat of the Academy Awards! So, how was yours?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Never nosebled -.-

Have you?
That's because I look at this everyday. NOT

Random comment, too funny!
Shnwei: What's up Taec's ex wife?
Me: still wife okay cz he doesnt wanna sign the papers -.-


What?! The answer just popped into my mind. I can't control these things you know.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rocky Road & Maybelline Falsies

Here's an app that is very lame, but then I got addicted to it. It's a choosing game, where they would randomly select 32 kpop artiste for you to choose. I downloaded only the guys version HAHAHA because I don't like Kpop girls, at all. Okay, maybe just Hyorin from Sistar. hehehe. Obviously I wanted to pick Taec HAHAHA Did you know many rounds until I finally saw Taec's face appear on this app?!?!?! 6 ROUNDS!!! 6 CRAZY LONG ROUNDS!! During the first round I was really focused, and the rest of the rounds I just simply clicked! Then it came down to round number 7, when Taec appeared and my whole room was spinning.

I wanted to scream at that time but everyone was sleeping.. so it's best for me to just roll on my bed.

Shnwei's man (maybe not anymore) vs. MY MAN

Officially released the Rocky Road that my cousins brought back from Australia from it's wrapper! It's my first time trying a real Rocky Road, real as in it's not from the supermarket. hehehe. I think this is from those chocolatiers or some special shop where they only make chocolate and no other. Those Rocky Roads that I bought in the supermarket are a total yuck!! But this one is bliss, pure bliss (:

From here you can see peanuts and marshmallow.

A very standard Rocky Road has about 20 ingredients in it. I know because I watched Junior Masterchef Australia and this was one of their taste test!! They asked the kids to taste the Rocky Road and guess the 20 ingredients used to make it. If you ask me I'd sure fail in this one. If I'm not mistaken the top kid/kids got 15 out of 20 ingredients correct. CRAZY!!

I always feel so small when I watch Junior Masterchef Australia! In fact, I feel like I have no place to stand in my own tiny kitchen. I'm almost 18 and all I know how to do is make pineapple tarts that no one likes TT___TT

250 grams of fats goodness!
Camwhoring before cutting it!! It's the width of my forehead.
Height of my forehead times two!
Thickness? One marshmallow. Big one.

I just had to show off it's bigness!

And it's cut!!

From what I remember, Rocky Roads contain..
Dark Chocolate, Milk chocolate, White chocolate, Peanuts, Cashewnuts, Nougat, Pecans, Mashmallows, caramel, Turkish Delight and.. the rest are just yummy ingredients!

*happily chewing!

Work these days are boring. No customers and no dust for us to clean. zzz So I went shopping when I get bored. Today (and yesterday) I went to Watsons. Spent A LOT of money today. Am gonna be broke soon. Ehh, I take that back because I HAVE ALREADY BURNT A HOLE IN MY POCKET. My money is, *poof gone.

I'm now a Watson's member!
Bought my first mascara!
Pampering my hands with a hand cream lmao

So the reason I joined as a member is because I have a feeling that I'm going to buy lots of stuff from Watsons in the future. Stuff as in cosmetics, and skin care. What have I got myself into!?!? I never knew what I would be those girls who doll up (am still not) but I have an itch when it comes to make up. Is it caused by my part-time job as a product advisor in a cosmetic shop? MOST PROBABLY.

I bought my first mascara ever. The very first. I use mascara from my workplace and I feel that the mascaras are a bit.. heavy? It's pretty heavy on my lashes so I have to make an effort to keep my eyes opened. This is why guys like girls with big eyes because those with small eyes like me looks like as if we are always half asleep!!

I read the Audvertorial about Maybelline Falsies from fourfeenine's blog and was pretty impressed by it. But then I was afraid that it would not turn out as expected. Previously mom saw an ad in the magazine about a mascara by Revlon, saying that it's waterproof and long lasting blah blah but then I tried it and it ended up getting smudged in just an hour!! So I was quite mad at that mascara because it smudged when I was on stage. How embarassing.

Somehow I got rid of the fear and bought Maybelline Falsies! Oh yeah, and also because I trust bloggers like fourfeetnine and Cheesie. hehehe. Fourfeetnine even did an ad about this mascara!!

Die Die must try lah kan?

So I tried it on one just now. I was still on shift so I removed my make up on one eye and applied the mascara. To my surprise, it's really good!

Maybelline Falsies are created to provide users with lashes that look like false lashes, without sticking on falsh lashes (which I don't like). The Falsies are darker and less heavy! I put it on quite erm.. thick but then it was still comfortable! HOORAY I CAN OPEN MY EYES! It also gave me the length and volume that I hoped for. Another good thing, I don't see any heavy clumps and my lashes look natural. YAY!

Am happy that my first mascara turned out good. Or else I would vow to never buy any cosmetics from drugstores -.- But then it turned out great so YAY! I can finally open my eyes without the need of exerting extra strength onto my poor eyelids!

The hand cream is for my poor hands. I have dry hands since I was a kid and it got worse after I became obsessed with nail polish. Yeap, I think nail polish makes your hands dry. Maybe they suck all the nutrients from your nails. OH NO!! And also because of air-cond that my hands are dry. GRR.

Current colour.
Nude orange with Rainbow glitter.
Yesterday was cotton candy pink!

Had pizza for dinner just now! (This is very random) Pa bought the pizza from the German bakery in Damai. I like the pizzas there. The ingredients are fresh and the base is yummy!
Pepperoni with chilli.
I had 6 pieces just now!! I'M FATTTTT!
so? (:

Pa and ma went out for a movie. Pa ordered 4 pizzas and here are the leftovers.
My lunch tomorrow. hehehe

Just in case I forgot I put them there!!
And you can see me photo-bombing the microwave -.-

Monday, February 20, 2012

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

It's my off day again! (: Haven't been watching any Korean dramas lately. I started watching Princess's Man last week but it was quite boring. Maybe because I cannot really understand what they were saying because the subtitles are in Chinese, and they talk too formally lol. I know it's a good drama so I'll try to watch it after I finish this one!

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

So the show is mainly about this girl called Eun Bi, and tons of cute guys. The ramen is something in between. hehehehe.

I'm at episode 6 right now. Will try to finish it quickly so I can catch up with more dramas hehehe. I know I'm slow because this drama was released in 2011? From the first 6 episodes I have already grasp that this show is mainly about guys winking and the girl being very dumb. I don't understand why they always have to make the girls dumb -.- Girls are smart okay! Maybe smart girls don't really get attention from guys.

That explains me. I'm not a smarty-pants but I am definitely not, stupid... And thus explain that I have no boyfriend at the moment T__T

Allow me to introduce the main leads

Lee Chung Ah who plays Yang Eun Bi.
No wonder she looked familiar she also stars in Pure Pumpkin Flower.
No comments about her hehehe I'm not interested in girls =P

Lee Ki Woo who plays Gang Hyuk.
He looks cute in the show but not-so-cute in this picture

Oh I almost forgot about this guy because I was excited about the guy who is not the lead but is also very very handsome! hahahaha

Jung Il Woo plays Cha Chi Su
He also acted in My Fair Lady and 49 days, two dramas that I watched and liked.
I don't really like him in this drama because well, I don't know!
Maybe because he is the starring lol.

Or maybe because this guy caught my attention.

my brain just exploded.

PARK MIN WOO!! plays Ba Eul.
Well, I like everything about him in the drama. His hair is the best lalalalala
Tried stalking him but there is not much in the www about him, maybe because he's a rookie actor (I think). But he's really good okay!! I don't know but I have a thing for guys like that. hehehe. I don't like guys like Jung Il Woo lmao and I don't even wanna consider this guy!

No Min Woo.
Was googling Park Min Woo and then he came out and I was totally put off. Nope he's not in the movie but I just wanna bash him LOL. He starred in My Girlfriend is Gumiho and I did not like him okay!! I practically wanted the dogs that went into his office (He was a vet in the show) to bite his hair off.


My friends would probably hate me for bashing this guy because they think he's cute. OH WELL

*breathe. Don't let the anger take over.

A Picture to end the post


Friday, February 17, 2012

Mission: Aly's masks!

When Aly came back the other day for her break she visited me at my workplace and bought a sheet mask from me. How kind of her because none of my friends actually bought anything from me. hahaha. Okay except for Shnwei who bought nail oil the other day lol.

So after using her sheet mask she forced me to buy her another one because she said she needs to hydrate her skin and she's facing a lot of stress. I just made that up, but she did say she has a lot of pimples and that I MUST buy her a mask.

Being me, I agreed. She said she wanted the Milk one because I introduced it to her the other day saying that it moisturizes the skin blah blah so she liked it. I was thinking of getting the mask for her with my PA but then.. I ended up paying for it instead. HAHAHA Oh well. It's her birthday present lol

I didn't take a picture of the mask!!
Found this online and it's the old packaging. The new one has the same shape but the illustrations are prettier!! Cottony Essence Sheet Masks are more expensive (RM12.90) compared to the Natural Pulp Sheet Masks (RM9.90) because it's made of cotton that allows the mask to absorb into the skin at a faster rate, it also has essence in it!

On Tuesday I went to Biolyn (located just next to my workplace. TEEHEE) because my colleague forced me to go there with her. She said she wanted to go look at the mask promotion or something like that. Since no customers were in the shop then I went strolling with her! So the masks were selling at RM2!! Dirt cheap lah okay!! The only one left was the Purifying Acne Mask so we had no choice hahahaha. I bought two and tried one. It was not bad!! So I decided to give Aly the other one because she sent me a text saying that she has a lot of pimples and her dark circles are getting worse. I DID NOT MAKE THIS UP!

Hope they still have stock! I'm going to grab a few more hehehe

It's my day off today so I decided to (finally!) send the masks to Aly. I was supposed to do it on Monday but then I was too lazy to get out of the house. After Aly's text I felt guilty so I forced myself to do it or die today. It was supposed to arrive during her birthday but it passed long long time ago. hehehe. Sorry bah =P

Woke up today and realised that it was 9.30am. I thought it was still early so I took time to cleanse my face. I even did a mask! While the mask was on my face I started to wrap the masks and put it in the envelope (it's handmade you know) and then head down to the post office at Central. I planned that after going to the post office I can still drop by Marie's office to chill.

No money to buy envelope had to make one myself. LOL

Wrap the masks inside. Wrote some stuff to Aly hehehe

Proof that I was really doing a mask (okay half mask lol) I even wrote it on the note!! I need to find a mask for my disgusting eye bags. TT__TT

Because I wasn't wearing my spectacles since I got up from bed I realized that I got the time wrong! I woke up at 10.30 not 9.30 -.- By the time I washed off my mask it was already 11.10am!!! HAHAHA So I quickly rushed to change and drove myself to Central! And I feel bad because I only went to say Hi to Marie after that and then left because I had to pick up my brother from school. Guilty to the max.

Hope it arrives safely and Aly will get to do her beauty routine! hahaa

Feeling like doing Tony Moly product reviews. Anyone wanna read or not?? I guess the answer is none T_____T

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friends with fifits!

The title was supposed to be 'Friends with benefits' but then I think all of us don't really gain benefits (put it in ANY way still none) from each other so I thought we call ourselves 'Friends with Fifits'. Good? Bad? We don't really have fifit stink (armpit stink) okay. We just use the word fifit whenever we feel like it. HAHAHAHA

They called themselves the foreveralones right now but I think that name might curse all of us to be single for the rest of our lives. Better not take the chance later all I have in my future is a lousy pension and 99 cats!! NOOOO!! I don't wanna be forever alone! Right now I'm saying that I'm currently alone, hahaha. Not permanent. Just currently. Forever is a big word okay later I 嫁不出 who is it to blame?? foreveralone.jpg?!?! Okay, dramatic much. Happy Valentine's Day btw, I'm currently alone and available. Feel free to continue reading this blog and then fall in love. With me.

Okay. So the yuck!

'Friends with Fifits' :
Aly, Audrey, Shnwei, Huang, Siaw, Marie, Pae Yii, Karee and Yours truly (;

The first project that we've done (Okay, they've done. Now I feel guilty because I went out with my church friends while they were working their butts off to complete it) is Aly's birthday surprise video. Aly is the first one, out of the nine to pursue her studies. We didn't get to celebrate with her so they made her a video!! With me inside. *feeling small.

So please watch the video (:

My friends are cool right?? See?? We risk humiliation and insults to make our friends happy. We do nothing but the best to brighten up one's day. ngehehehe. Awesomeness overloaded.

Oh yeah. Last time they also recorded a video at my house when they surprised me with Patrick. Wanna watch? Click here

Next project is going to be bungee jumping off Menara Tun Mustapha!! Okay who's up for it?? HAHAHA *psycho!

WAIT!! I didn't go dating okay. Am trying to defend myself. I went to have lunch with my church friends. Another point of defense: THEY WERE ALL GIRLS! But one guy friend joined us later when we yamcha but that doesn't count because he didn't even order a drink. Aly don't kill me. HAHAHAHA

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My career?

Question that I come across almost every time I meet an adult: What you wanna do after this?

Honestly, I'm already sick of that question -.- But I cannot avoid it, no matter how hard I try. They either give me a frightened stare when I say, "oh..don't know yet. See lah" and then shake their heads; or they'll start giving me advices which are somewhat useful, but long-winded.

I had a long chat about what my future plans might be with my uncle and aunt (who are in Brighton, UK) via Skype. My uncle gave me a lot of advice and sort of helped me to cancel out some courses that I would not ever-in-my-life take. hahaha

I have some things in mind that I want to study, and there are some that I'm pretty sure that I would not. To make things easier, I have decided to make a blog post about it so here I am, typing away. So the next time so random adult who comes and ask me this question, I'll ask them to read this post. Dang! I'm smart. I can stop answering with my short 'I don't know' answer, and boost my blog visitors at the same time. likeaboss!

1. Medicine
To be honest, this was the very first thing that I wanted to study when I first entered Science Stream in upper form. I wanted to be an oncologist, studying about cancer. Reason behind it? I had an uncle who passed away after battling cancer for years, and knew some people who had cancer and stuff so at that time I hated cancer. In fact, I wanted to find a cure for it and blah blah blah. I guess I was really ambitious at that time, not knowing that science was tough and I am not up to it's level. A level too high for pea-brained human like me. =( I didn't like Chemistry, and that's a goner. I liked Biology but it was a tough subject. I was able to remember how our body works and why we need hormones and stuff but at the end of it, I don't think I am fit to be a doctor. But now, I feel like I am up to the challenge to take medicine. I think I am able to survive this, years of studying, blood, body, the smell of the hospital. I am mentally convincing myself that I can handle it, and I am ready to handle all of it.

Pros (What I think is good about this):
1. I get to save lives. I get to not only save the life of the patient, but also bring joy to his/her family.
2. Mom and dad, and kung and po would be proud of me. They get to say that their daughter/granddaughter is a doctor. No one in my family, at the moment, is a doctor so, yeah (:
3. I can marry a hot doctor MUAHAHAHA (okay that's not really relevant -.-)

Cons (The downside of things):
1. I have to study for a very loooooong period of time. Yeaps. Studying and practical and everything in between, I will be missing out a lot, and most of the time I'll be studying and studying and studying.
2. I won't have much time for my family. My family now and family in the future. HAHA okay. Another not-so-relevant reason.
3. I'm afraid that I will drop out halfway. THAT'S THE CRUEL PART. I fear that I will cry my ay back home without finishing my studies. Ugh.
4. It might not be something that I WANT to do. I just want to be happy about my job and not 'do it' for the sake of money, and a job D:

2. Journalism
No doubt this is something that I love to do. Writing. Travelling. I can do this forever.

1. I will never get bored of this job.
2. I don't have to sit in an office 8 hours a day. I can enjoy working outdoors, smelling the fresh air. Okay, perhaps our 'fresh air' would be highly polluted by then.
3. I get share with others, about what I saw and heard. It's not just a job, but more of something that I like to do, sharing about what I have been through.

1. There are lots of freelance journalists out there so I might not be able to find a stable job.
2. Time for family, again.
3. Although I love to write I don't know if I'm really qualified to be a professional.

3. Public relations
Very similar to journalism. Those people who I've consulted insist I take Public Relations or Mass communications so that I can also take up journalism as well. Kill two birds with one shot? Maybe. I can live with this job because I like to socialize. Okay, I shall put it this way. I like to talk to people, even random strangers. I guess I like to work with people more than working with machines (cancels mechanical engineering in list). Besides having to talk to people, I don't really know anything about this job. Find out more?

4. Find a hot guy that loves me to death, get married, be a housewife.
BY FAR THIS IS THE BEST ONE!!! All I have to do is master my cooking, manage the household and have babies. Cool kan? In addition to it my future husband will pay for all the expenses, including my facials and manicures. I can go out with friends and shop and have tea. Yeaps. I love this one. A hundred points for this one!!!


Went down to Suria today with Shnwei and Siaw. Strolled around the education fair and then went for a free photoshoot, by Louis Pang (:

To like our picture, click here

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Month two

Happy February!